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Quarry Lakes
2250 Isherwood Way, Fremont, CA
Phone: 510-562-PARK (7275)


Size: N/A

Water Level: N/A but always full

Depth: Appx 80'

Species: trout(stocked), largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, catfish, carp

Fees: $3.25 daily fishing permit, $5.50 to park in the lot, $5 launch fee

Boating: electric-powered boats only

Pros: smallmouth bass, ??

Cons: ??

Description: The Quarry Lakes are a set of gravel pits similar to Shadow Cliffs that recently were opened to fishing. They are managed similar to all the other east bay lakes as put and take trout fisheries. The lakes are fairly small which can be good (the trout have no where to hide) or bad (it can get crowded). The one big surprise is that the lakes have turned out to hold a very good wild population of smallmouth bass. Hopefully a strong enough catch-and-release ethic will be encouraged here to keep this fishery alive.

The Fish: Bass: As mentioned above there's a good population of smallies in these lakes. These fish tend to be more structure oriented than largemouths. Look for deep points and ledges. The best baits have been jigs, jigging spoons and crankbaits.

When the lakes first opened anglers, including me, caught quite a few cookie-cutter sized small largemouth. Since then fewer and fewer are being caught. I am unaware what the story is with these fish. I suspect they are just more susceptable to trout anglers and have been cooked to death. In the summer of 2002 some adult florida strain largemouths were transfered from Chabot. We have yet to see what effect these fish will have. But they will probably produce a few giants in the years to come.

Trout: I don't know much about the trout fishing here, but I expect it's very similar to Shadow Cliffs. Like Shadow Cliffs it will not be muddied much by storms and will be a good choice for winter fishing.

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