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Guadelupe Reservoir
Hicks Rd, San Jose, CA
Phone: (408) 268-8220


Map: Mapquest Map

Size: 79 acres


Depth: Appx 80'

Species: largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, carp

Fees: none

Boating: float tubes only

Pros: light fishing pressure, good cover, big bass

Cons: parking, shoreline access, tough bass bite

Description: This reservoir was just recently opened to float tubes and kickboats. There is a fair amount of brush, and abandoned cars down there for cover, plus some rocky banks. It looks a little better than it is though. There isn't very much shoreline access, and dragging a kickboat down to the waters edge can be a lot of work. The water is contaminated with mercury, don't eat the fish.

Fish: Largemouth Bass: There's a fair population of bass here, with some big ones. Try fishing deep. Except for in the spring, the fish are rarely near the good shoreline cover.

There are some steelhead trapped in here also, so don't be too surprised if you catch a half-pounder.

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