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Map: Mapquest Map

Size: Appx 8 acres

Water Level: N/A, but Always Full

Depth: Appx 15'

Species: largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, carp

Fees: Palo Alto residents (and their guests) only. Entrance Fee.

Boating: non-power boats, no float tubes

Pros: scenic, good cover, light pressure, consistent

Cons: palo alto residents only, no float tubes, too much weedgrowth (hydrilla?)

Description: The very first fish I ever caught came out of this little pond. It was a bluegill that fell for a nightcrawler hanging under a bobber. I've since moved to Mountain View, so I can't fish there anymore.

Being only about 8 acres the maximum depth is very shallow. It is 15 feet at it's deepest point. There are no feeder creeks on this little lake. Instead, water is pumped in to keep the water level at a constant. This means weed growth is quite heavy. With a maximum depth of 15 feet, weed growth extends throughout the entire lake. In the summer it will reach the surface in all but the deepest pockets. The shoreline is padded with a thick layer of cattails with a few tules around the boat launch. Cuts off some shoreline access but also makes for some great cover for the bass. Other structures include an island with a bridge going to it, a large dock, and some downed trees. Not much rock to speak of.

Species of fish include Florida strain largemouth bass, redear sunfish (I end up calling them bluegills), and channel catfish. There is also a good population of crayfish present.

The Fish: Largemouth Bass: The bass fishing is very good. There are lots of large and small fish in here to be caught all through the year. Lure selection becomes limited with all this weed growth. Using a heavy weight will get you a big ball of weeds by the end of your cast. My favorite lures here are unweighted or very lightly weighted plastics and topwater lures. An unweighted Gitzit is my favorite all around bait to fish with. Followed by a floating Rapala. Flyfishing for bass can also be productive especially with popping bugs.

Redear Sunfish: I mostly just flyfish for the redears here. It is extremely fun to spend a summer day flyfishing for them here. My most productive flies have been a bead head sqirltail nymph and a wooly bugger. Sometimes you may get a surprise and have a large bass eat your bluegill!

Other Fish: Every once in a while someone catches a big catfish here. It's unusual though.

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